Stepping out of the Comfort zone

Life has been busy for me this month as I prepare for my test, to be a Licensed Professional Counselor. I believed that I was never a really good student and my education has always been work. At times I have been envious of people who seem to do little or no work in advance and they still seem to be able to successfully complete a class or pass an exam.

Going back to school, especially graduate school, was definitely out of my comfort zone. I doubted my ability and compared myself to other peoples success. Along this journey though I have learned to work, prepare and do the best that I can.

So with that I will make this short and sweet as my exam is only a week away. I will get back to the grindstone to prepare for this exam. I will learn to be comfortable with what is uncomfortable. I will not resist that which has been difficult in the past. I will prepare, work and learn to the best of my ability.

Doing something new or hard can be difficult or scary but I will be bold. I will accept that the work I do gets me closer to where I want to be. So as I spend this last week continuing to study I will step out of my comfort zone and Breath.

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