7 Dimensions of Wellness

I would say that most people think of wellness as either physical or mental, I know I use to. But really it’s more complex than that. Everything we do has an impact on our wellbeing. The 7 dimensions of wellness breaks down the different areas that we can approach wellness in our lives. This model was adapted from Bill Hettler’s 6 dimensions of wellness that was developed in 1976.

Each area of wellness is evaluated to help a person see where they are in their own wellness. Looking at each area helps the person to evaluate their own perception of what areas would benefit from improvement and which ones the person determines to be healthy. The link above explains each dimension of wellness that is listed.

I believe that wellness is a work in progress. Some days my overall wellness will be better than others. Some days one area of wellness will be better than another. But I believe that finding happiness is finding a balance in each so that I am well: emotionally, physically, socially, intellectually, spiritually, occupationally, and environmentally.

In my next post I will be sharing a wellness wheel exercise that I think can help me and hopefully you find balance and happiness.

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