Becoming my own Super Hero.

I read a study on how children are able to resist temptation by pretending they are their favorite hero. The article refers to this as the “Batman effect”, which talked about how children are more motivated and resist distractions to complete a task when they pretended to be a favorite hero. How cool is that! (I’ll add the link of the study in the resource section)

I thought about Batman, an ordinary man with super cool gadgets that he uses to protect people. But Batman doesn’t work along, he has people who help him out.

I thought about this as I focus on my goal of perseverance. It occurred to me that what could have helped the children, be successful in delayed gratification, was that they were having fun. Maybe it is because they are pretending to have the characteristics of their superhero. Maybe it is because they believed they are special. Maybe because they are having fun with what they are being asked to do, that it doesn’t seem so bad.

In looking at my goals, I realize that I allow distractions to get me off track and that my goals seem difficult and daunting. Maybe it’s time for me to pretend that I’m Batman!

I have super powers! I have people who support me, and achieving my goals will be super cool! I think if I look at my goals differently I might even have fun. And when I am having fun…. I am more happy.

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