Resolution… Really. Really? Really!

When looking at past resolutions I can count on my fingers how many times I’ve kept them. I would guess I’m not the only one.

So for the month of January I want to explore the ideas of Discipline, Commitment, Determination, Motivation, Perseverance, and Self-Regulation.

When I looked up the words I wondered if my perception of the words were so far off.

Most of the articles on Discipline were focused on classroom management for teachers. Was this in some way what I need. A way to manage my problem behavior? After thinking about this for a while my answer was, yes. I guess I do need discipline to manage my unhealthy practices, but this wasn’t exactly what I was thinking about when I say “discipline”. So I thought I’d move to commitment.

When looking at commitment most articles where focused on what kept relationships together. And even though I think that being committed to relationships are important this wasn’t what I was looking for either.

My next word was determination. The definition was: a positive emotional feeling that involves preserving (commitment) towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles (discipline). This word fit pretty well but had nothing to do with sticking to those commitments.

As I write this I realize that my perseverance is where i have the most difficulty. I lose site of the goal or allow self doubt and distractions to pull me away from the goal.

So even though I may want to be more focused on certain areas of my life I need to remind myself of why being determined to reach my goals and perseverance is so important.

Self-Regulation is controlling my behavior, emotions, and thoughts in the pursuit of long term goals. So in the long run if I want to keep working on a resolution or any goal I need to practice self regulation. I’ll be looking at this more in the following days.

HAPPY New Year! May we all find Happiness this year.

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