It’s a Wonderful Life!

What a wonderful year! In the last year I have been working to understand what makes people happy. I’ve read many books, magazines and research papers on the subject. But my greatest teacher has been experiencing life to the fullest.

I’ve learned so much about myself and the world around me. I’ve learned which values are truly important to me and I’ve also learned how to improve on some a little bit more. I’ve explored places I’ve always wanted to visit and learned new hobbies and skills along the way. I’ve selfishly taken care of myself but also given to others who were in need. I’ve laughed (a lot), I’ve cried (a little) and sought to improve mistakes along the way. Life is a journey so this will continue to be my goal, to be happy.

I love the Christmas program “It’s a wonderful life”. As George struggles with the thought that he is “better off dead” you can see how important he really is. Even with all of life’s struggles and heartache and disappointment, It’s a wonderful Life!

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