Intentional Kindness

Coffee is good. I love Paper City Coffee, a local coffee shop in my community. The food and coffee are delicious and the staff are friendly and helpful. I always feel like they care about me, not only as a customer but also as a person. They are always giving back to the community. They have a mentoring project that matches adults with children in the community. This was one of the many reasons I kept coming to this place when I first moved here. Whenever someone comes to visit me from out of town I love bringing them here.

I’m only able to visit the coffee shop on Friday and Saturday (they’re closed Sunday) because of my work schedule, but I love going and having a good cup of coffee and relaxing before the day begins.

During this month I have been practicing intentionally giving back to my community as well. Each time I visit I have been paying it forward. I buy my coffee and breakfast and offer for someone after me to get a free drink. It makes me feel good and I’ve witnessed the joy that it brings to others. So it’s a really good thing to strive for intentional kindness. Try it you won’t be disappointed. Have a blessed day. And if you’re ever in the small town of Chillicothe Ohio enjoy a cup of coffee at Paper City Coffee.

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