Personal Vision statement

A light to show the way

Have you ever thought about what is important to you? Have you ever thought about where you are, and where you want to be? Most businesses usually have a mission statement (The purpose of the company and how it serves it’s customers) and a vision statement (what they want to achieve). Well, I was thinking about this as I explore the value of “Intentionality”. I decided to write my personal vision statement. I believe, to be intentional I first needed to map out the future me I wanted to be.

I started writing my personal vision statement by asking myself several questions.

1. Where do I want to go from here?

2. What can I realistically achieve?

3. What problems do I intend to solve?

4. What changes can I make to help others?

5. How will things be different if the vision is realized?

6. What phrases or key words describe the type of person or outcome I want for my life?

After Answering these questions I was able to come up with my own personal vision statement. I challenge you to think about these questions for yourself. Have you ever intentionally thought about what you want for your life?

The next part of my plan was to share my vision statement here on my blog, so here is my personal vision statement:

To use my time and space in a more focused and organized manner, to allow quality time for the people and things that are important to me. To bring meaning and purpose to my life.

I wasn’t quit finished with my vision statement, because to have achieve the vision I also had to have a plan. So I came up with a list of 6 steps. Under each step I developed smaller goals (because I realized that I had some pretty big plans, that would take time and work to be able to accomplish).

So this month I am beginning to take the steps that will bring about my vision statement. I have set aside time to look at my list and prioritize the tasks. Being intentional, planning and acting on the vision that I believe is the legacy that I will eventually leave behind. So, here’s to being Intentional.

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