Mindful of my Destiny

Since I’ve stated practicing mindfulness, I’m amazed at the bombardment of thoughts that run through my head (for even a short period of time). I am working on being present in the moment but sometimes that isn’t an easy task. After watching several videos, it is somewhat comforting to know that even people who are considered experts have to bring their thoughts back to the present moment.

I wonder what it is about the human nature that we sometimes struggle with letting go of the past or striving for the future. I sometimes struggle with living in the moment, or actively accepting things as they are. I believe that by practicing mindfulness that this struggle can be lessened and that it will bring more peace and happiness to my life.

Jon Kabat-Zinn suggest 9 attitudes of Mindfulness. Just watching the video gave me a certain peaceful feeling.

1 Beginners mind- seeing each situation as if it was the first time.

2. Non-judging – Jon Kabat-Zinn states that we often see things as bad or good, want or not want, right or wrong, etc., but in mindfulness, when practicing being non-judgmental you recognize situations and the thoughts feelings or actions without judging. He states we do this by just noticing.

3 Acceptance-Active recognition of things as they are.

4 Letting go-Letting things be as they are, receiving and releasing. Letting go allows for a certain sense of freedom. Just as in the example of the Monkey trap, to be free you need to let go.

5 Trust- Trusting in the natural rhythm of the body. By trusting that the body is working just as it is intended. By practicing trust in self we shift our trust to others. Just as the body inhales there is a rhythm that occurs that follows with the exhale.

6 Patience– Very often we are missing the moment. Mindfulness helps us to intentionally practicing patience . By practicing patience we learn things unfold in their own time. With patience comes acceptance and wisdom.

7 Non striving- Or non doing. We shift from trying to control everything to not trying to make things happen. This isn’t just throwing up your hands and giving up its more like acceptance and being content with what is. This attitude can be both restorative and healing.

8. Gratitude- not taking things for granted

9 Generosity- giving to others for the joy of just doing for others.

That brings me to the quote at the top of the page. I believe that our thoughts are often in a constant battle of what was, what is, what can be. And as we think about these things we often interject judgement which frequently causes us stress and discontentment. All of these values we place on our thoughts leads us to act in certain ways and in the end our actions are our story, our destiny. What if by practicing Mindfulness I learn to let go, accept, live in the moment with trust, gratitude and generosity? How much better would it be? I think it’s definitely worth it to try. I’m going to practice being more mindful, with the intention to be more at peace with my life and my destiny.

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