Live in the Present

I once listened to a mindfulness podcast where the speaker said to be mindful it is important to: be here, now, in this very moment. He used “Now, Here, This” to help the listener remember to do this in our practice of meditation.

I believe that in our fast paced society that we are missing the opportunity to live in the present moment. But it is the present moment that actually makes up our tomorrows. When was the last time that you were so absorbed in what you were doing that you lost yourself in the moment? I know that I often think about what is going to happen later, planning for the next thing on the list. I’ll give you an example. I recently went on my very first cruise. I was so excited, there were so many things to do. I found myself experiencing one thing but planning for the next thing while in the moment. I realized what I was doing and reminded myself of the instructions given in the podcast, Now, Here, This. I reminded myself to be present with what was going on in the moment (Now, not next), being present here (not at the next event), and enjoying this very moment.

I like the quote by Bil Keane when he said that today is a gift. How often do we miss our gift of the present moment because we are looking to far ahead. Today as I am living in the moment, I plan to take a look at the people around me….. I mean really look at them, because right now, right here, in this moment I have so many gifts. I hope you take the opportunity to do the same.

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