Becoming the Better Version of Me

Take chances

During the month of August I will be focused on the value of personal development. When I started the happiness project it started with me thinking about what makes people happy. Research has a lot to say about this. I looked at Maslow hierarchy of needs. The 5 needs are physiological (Survival needs-food water clothing, shelter), Safety (protection, well-being), Love and Belonging (Friendship and family bonds, social connection), esteem (self respect, self confidence, and independence), and Self Actualization ( fulfillment of ones full protentional). I figured that if his theory was right that as we move closer to self actualization that we are more satisfied and happy. So I started thinking about my own individual happiness. I started thinking about what brings meaning and purpose to my life. By exploring the values that are important to me I narrowed it down to one value for 11 months with the intention of combining all of them in December.

Like I said this month is on personal development, and as I think about the past 7 months I’ve really been working on this value all along. As I focus on what is important to me. As I learn and develop knowledge and skills in each of these areas I am building on my personal development. When I picked personal development as one of my monthly values I had no idea that it would be happening all along the way of my project. Berne Brown said, “I get so busy chasing the extraordinary moments that I don’t pay attention to the ordinary moments, The moments that if taken away that I would miss more than anything.” As I work on my values, goals, dreams, and personal happiness I’ve been working on personal development all along. I’ve been working on being a better version of myself. I realize that as I learn, achieve, experience and even fail that it brings me great joy and satisfaction.

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