Adventure of a lifetime

Some people wait a lifetime to go places that they have always dreamed of going. Maybe it is due to saving enough money to go or maybe it is to take care of jobs or personal relationships. I know that my reason was a little of both. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs list 5 human needs with the basic needs being met first. From the bottom of the hierarchy upwards, the needs are: food clothing and shelter, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. The way that the theory is presented is that a person must meet the lower or basic needs before moving to the higher needs. So it makes sense that taking care of financial security, and family relationships would come before the dream vacation.

I grew up hearing about the Grand Canyon from my mom and dad, who talked about how great it would be to go. As they got older other things became more important for them to take care of, their health and financial needs being at the top of the list. Because of all of the things that I had heard about the Grand Canyon I wanted to go as well. I realized that if I put off my dream of going to the Grand Canyon much longer that it would probably never happen. So I made my plans and took my daughters with me. They had heard my dreams of going for a long time but because of my financial struggles I had been unable to go. But I worked to improve my finances and was able to save and put the money towards my dream vacation.

I can not describe to you how awesome my trip was. It was almost spiritual. To be in such a glorious and amazing place. I will never forget my trip to the Grand Canyon. As I think back about my week in the Grand Canyon the amazement and wonder of the entire place at times was breathtaking. But as I think about it I know I would have felt different if I had gone alone. Part of my feeling of contentment was because I was sharing my experience with the people that mean so much to me. My girls have seen my good days and my bad days. So for them to see one of my dreams come true made it more special. Not everyone gets to go on their dream vacation.

To be able to go to the place that I have always dreamed of has meant so much to me. Not only because it was an adventure of a life time but because of all that I have achieved in my life to get there. Financial security, stable relationships, security in my job and my own self esteem. The ability to do the things that I have always wanted to do with my children who mean the world to me. To live in the moment, to share my excitement and dreams. This truly was…. An adventure of a lifetime.

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