Where you are in the Herd matters.

During the month of April I have decided to work on Boldness. For me this means that I will embrace my own individuality. I have often been the person who goes along with the crowd to avoid conflict and to help things go smoother. I’m not talking about going along with things that are wrong, illegal, or immoral, I’m just taking about things that I would do differently if I was taking the lead.

Herd Behavior can simply be described as a group of people acting as one. My take on this is that the individual(s) adopt the actions of the group to become part of the collective whole. In the animal kingdom this occurs as a protective factor. When a group of animals are being attacked they join together and move (usually run) as a group. It is easier for them to avoid falling prey to the predator this way.

I have seen the same thing demonstrated in the last year. The old saying, “there is safety in numbers”. And for the most part this is true. When we stick together and do things as a group the job is easier. But sometimes we are doing things that we do not want to avoid causing conflict within the group. So instead we allow others to make decisions and we stop thinking for ourselves. We just go along with the crowd and unfortunately sometimes the crowd is going in a direction that isn’t in our game plan. Take for instance the picture below.

Being different from the rest of the group can sometimes be an uphill battle. But think about it, do you want to go up or do you want to go down. When we step out and go against the crowd it can be difficult and you might get pushback from other individuals. But I believe that stepping out of my comfort zone and being bold is exactly what I need for this month.

Change occurs when I am willing to be vulnerable in my pursuit of happiness. Doing the same thing over and over becomes easier because I know what to expect but it does not always get me closer to where I want to go. Sometimes staying the same puts me further away from where I want to be. So Its time for me to be bold, step out of my comfort zone.

Let me explain my thoughts on the placement of animals or humans in a herd. As a last note I want to say that sometimes the Herd Behavior is good. With Herd Behavior one animal or one person starts doing something and then others follow. Being in the Middle of the herd is probably the worst place to be, me in my opinion. While you are in the center of the herd you might be protected from the harm of outside world but you are blindly being taken to wherever the group is going and as I said before you might not want to go there. In the middle there is a lot of dust or commotion and its easy to get stepped on by other people or other animals. Towards the back you may not be aware of where you are going and are more likely to be caught by the dangers that are around you ( the lion for example). If you are on the side you might be exposed to the dangers from the side but at least you have the opportunity to get away from the crowd and choose your own path. I’ve decided that if I am going to be part of Herd behavior I prefer to be at the front of the herd that way I know where I’m going. I choose to be bold, take a stand, allowing myself to be vulnerable and find my path. Because let’s face it, where you are in the herd matters.

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