The Habit of Doing Will Make You Happy.

What are you doing?

There are a staggering number of people who claim to have a particular religion or belief but little evidence that they are practicing what they believe. I’ve been in this position myself. I wonder what it is about us that we lose track of what is important to us. And even more important what is it that makes me lose track of practicing (or doing) what I believe is important in my faith.

I recently listened to a sermon given by Andy Stanley called “Pack your bags” In this sermon he talks about how we will be happy if we not only listen to God’s word, but that we do God’s word. I know that when I believe in something I give it my attention. When I am passionate about something I not only listen and learn, but I also put it into action.

I believe that I can have an interest in something or learn about something but if I do nothing, then it loses its importance. I’ll give you an example. I am going on a trip that I have always wanted to go on later this spring. I have saved the money, I have booked the tickets, and I read about all the different things that other people suggest to make the most of this trip. I spend a little time almost every day thinking about it. What if all of us did this with our faith, our spirituality? Imagine how wonderful it would be. The passion to make our journey of faith the best possible.

Another thing is that I believe, that in doing what we believe is important to our faith, we will be sharing it with other people. I mean lets face it, if it’s the best thing ever wouldn’t we want other people to have it also. I mean there is an unending supply of this thing that God offers. We can all experience this happiness that God is willing to share.

God is pleased when we are focused on doing his word. There are so many helpful and important guidance that the bible gives us. I know that I don’t always put my faith into action but I will focus on the fact that my happiness will come in the doing!

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