Journey of Spirituality and Faith

I love the saying above. If we link ourselves to each other helping each other and loving each other that to me is part of spirituality.

I have always believed that explaining my faith or spirituality are difficult. Each persons experience is different so when I am explaining my faith or my spirituality it could be completely different from everyone else. The dictionary defines Spirituality as the quality of being concerned with the human soul as apposed to material or physical things. Faith is defined as a complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

How often do I confuse religion with faith or spirituality. Believing that if I go through the rituals and practices that I will be doing “what I am supposed to do”? I believe for me to strengthen my faith and Spirituality I must look outside of the walls of the religious structure and inside of my own heart. To Explore the great universe that my God has made. To embrace the greatness of all that he is and all that he has to offer.

With my faith I believe that it is not just about me either. I believe that we are all intended for something other than just this physical body. I believe that our souls are just as important as our physical wellbeing. How do I take care of my soul? How do I nurture the wellness of the human spirit?

I believe that we get so busy doing everything else that our faith and spirituality can sometimes take a back seat (I know it does for me). It’s important for me to begin paying attention, being aware, showing gratitude and living in a way that my faith and spirituality is a bigger part of my life.

I believe that faith and spirituality is like a journey, we see and experience things differently as we grow and as we mature. I am so thankful to be on this journey with my God, my higher power.

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