Relationships and Negative Nancy!

I want to start with a disclaimer *Nobody will be able to be positive all the time. There I said it.

That being said I think it is important for me (and maybe you) to foster positivity rather than negativity. Negativity is like a contagious disease, If someone is negative it has the tendency to spread to other people. I also think that negativity is like a parasite, once it attaches itself to an individual it is hard to shake it off.

When dealing with relationships, negativity can destroy it. Negativity can come in many forms. Maybe it is a critical partner or a boss who is never please with your work. Maybe it is a person that you can’t trust or someone who doesn’t trust you when there is nothing to mistrust. Maybe it is just that Negative Nancy of the bunch who is never please with anything that goes on in their lives or in the lives of others people.

After awhile the negativity in the relationship seems to be more than we can bear. We spend less and less time with the individual. The negativity is overwhelming. I mean don’t we all strive to be happy? I know going back to the disclaimer, we can’t be happy all the time, but we can do some things to be more aware of when we are being negative and be realistic in our expectations.

If I am not happy and start to become negative what can I do to reduce or avoid negativity. For me, I must first be aware of my words, my actions and my body language. I need to be aware of what triggers my negative moods and behaviors. Then I need to work to replace negative thinking and actions with healthier and positive thinking and behavior. I have to work at it. I need to be aware of how other people’s moods, words and actions affect me as well. This goes back to healthy communication and conflict resolution skills. (check out my last blog: Hope for Humanity)

In Relationships we need to work at being more positive. We have to work at our way of interacting with difficult and negative people (remember: Nobody is positive all the time).

Spend time with people who don’t suck the happiness out of you. And while I’m at it, I need to work on being the kind of person who doesn’t suck the Happiness out of other people.

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