Finding Balance!

Sometimes when I am setting goals I tell myself that I will not be successful even before I begin. Rock Balancing was one such goal. I came across Travis Ruskus while looking for mindfulness exercises on YouTube. To me the act of balancing a rock, especially the way that Travis balanced them, seemed impossible. I decided to set out to see how impossible it would be. I had no idea that I would be able to accomplish this exercise for myself.

I have several rocks that line my flower bed and decided to try. I picked a few and attempted to balance them with no luck. I told myself that it was to hard, it would take to much time, and that it did not serve a real purpose. So, I got up and walked away. But I was intrigued by the art form, the possibility of finding peace in the exercise, and I wanted to be successful, so I tried again. This time I was able to balance the rock in less than 5 minutes. I was so excited. I wanted to capture the moment so I ran in the house to get my camera. By the time I came back the rock had toppled over. I had missed the purpose of the lesson, it was not just to balance the rock, it was to find peace in the moment.

I attempted the exercise again. This time I paid attention to my breathing, the weight of the rock, how it swayed as I tried to balance it, the way the rock sat upon the other rock, the wind as it blew around me, and how they seemed to dance together rolling or hugging each other. I attempted to put the rock back where it had been the first time I had attempted it, but it didn’t seem to fit, so I moved to another spot and within a few minutes it was balanced on the small end of the rock. I had found the balance. My focus was on the rock. I did not try to force the rock back where it once had been. I thought about what Travis had said about the amount of time that it took for the rock to be made and how I was just a speck in time compared to the amount of time that the rock had been around. Finding the balance, doing what seemed impossible at first.

January has been a time for me to look at what makes setting goals, and keeping goals possible. Commitment, Perseverance, Dedication, Discipline. But sometimes it comes down to believing in myself. Believing in something bigger than myself. Believing that it is possible. Focusing on the here and now. Finding balance in my life by not trying to force something that is not meant to be. Not trying to do everything all at once. Slowing down and taking a moment to find peace and contentment in the little things. It might be that I need to step back and take a break. I may need to try another time, in another space, with a new perspective, and with renewed energy.

Don’t loss heart. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. Enjoy the moments, they pass so quickly.

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