You can do it!

If you miss the mark…Try, Try, again!!

Developing SMART goals are very important to me in my value of perseverance, commitment, and determination. I know for me to be successful in my goals that It is helpful if I am Specific in my goal, that my goals are Measurable, that I need to be able to do what I set out to do (Achievable), my goal should be Realistic, and the goal needs to be completed in a Timely manner. My Goal needs to be SMART.

(An example of one of my SMART goals: I will exercise for 15 min 5 out of 7 days.)

Habit trackers are great for seeing how you are doing with a goal. When I make a goal I try to look at being successful with a little bit of a push. What I mean by this is I set a goal that I know that I can be successful at but that it pushes me to do a little bit more. I set 5 specific goals for myself for the month of January. I allow myself to have either one or two days a week that I miss my goal. I do this to help me not give up(you might choose to do it differently). This help me with seeing where I really want to be and being realist about where I am. Baby steps. For example with the goal that is listed above, I have not being doing any exercise lately, but I’ve completed exercise programs in the past. I know that 15 minutes out of my day is nothing, I scroll the internet for much more than 15 minutes every day.

My reasoning with allowing for missing my goal is to accept that I am not perfect. I make allowances for bad days, cheat days, busy days, and just because days. If I make my goals so that I have to do exactly the same routine every day it will get very boring to me. So I give myself permission for the occasional off day. I also don’t beat myself up for missing a day or two either, because it is worked into the goal. (Later as my success towards achieving the goal increases I can push myself a little bit more).

I’m 11 days into my goals and I am doing pretty good. Like I said I have 5 goals. Out of those 5 goals I have met 4 out of 5 goals. The goal that I missed, its my hardest goal. When I don’t meet that goal, I am kind to myself and I don’t beat myself up. I focus on all of the goals that I am accomplishing. I look at what is working and what isn’t. What do I need to do differently? What is working? Do I really want to achieve the goals I have set? Believe it or not, sometimes we set goals for ourselves that we really don’t want to achieve. Maybe it’s a goal that other people want for us or that we are only doing half heartedly.

I know that the goals I have for myself are SMART. I know that the habit tracker helps me see my goals on paper. I can’t lie about my success (even if I lie and track it as completed). I know. I like seeing a whole week of completed goals. It makes me feel good. Not only do I feel better for completing the goal but I also feel better for accomplishing something that I set out to achieve for myself. Win, Win!

There are tons of trackers available out there. I have a piece of paper with my goal written on it, with seven blocks beside it that I mark each day. Nothing fancy but it helps. It feels good to look at the blocks and know that I am being successful in what I set out to do.

And if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

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