My Identified Values (For Now)!

Our thoughts feelings, emotions, perceptions, circumstances, and experiences are ever changing. That is why I am listing my values as “For Now”. I am going to try and keep the values that I am listing here as the ones that I will be focusing on during my happiness project. I have completed the values exercise several times and I must admit that they have changed a little each time that I complete the exercise. For the most part the same key themes are involved so if there are similar words I will add them into that group. I believe that by focusing on improving my values and staying true to my beliefs that I will increase my sense of happiness.

So…… here is my list of values that I will be working on for the year of 2021.

  1. January-Discipline (commitment)
  2. February-Relationships
  3. March-Spirituality (faith)
  4. April-Courage (boldness)
  5. May-Health and wellness (or wellbeing)
  6. June-Leisure (Fun, Adventure)
  7. July-Integrity (Ethics)
  8. August-Personal Development
  9. September- Self-Awareness (Shoshin, Mindfulness)
  10. October-Intentionality
  11. November-Making a difference (generosity, community)
  12. December-All of them

I will develop a set of strategies to improve the value for that month. I have tried to match the value with the month that I believe I will be most motivated to work on them. Because if I am not motivated then all of my great plans fall to the wayside. To improve my happiness I can not just wish to be happier, but I must work to be happier.

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