What does it mean to be Happy?

Ok, so here is where I disappoint you. I can not tell you what will make you happy. In the course of this project I will look at what I value and work towards improving how I live up to the values I hold. My thoughts are if I am living the life that honors the values I hold then I will be more content and happy.

According to Lyubomirsky, happiness is 50% due to genetics, 10% to life circumstances, and 40% due to your own decisions. This means the thoughts and activities that you engage in have a lot to do with how happy you will be. If this is the case then we have a lot of control over our own happiness. So, in starting this project, I will focus on the values that I hold most dear. Below, I have linked an activity that I completed to determine the values that mean the most to me. I picked 6 groups and then choose 2 words from each group to complete the 12 months of the year.

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